It's a girl!! Welcome to baby Clare Catherine Carney, born 2nd May 2021, weighing in at 8lb4oz of pure perfection. It was an amazing and completely empowering birth (all the details are up on our Facebook page if you love a good birth story!) and Clare's brothers are absolutely in love! We are closed until September 2021. Thank you for all of the lovely messages and support! I can't wait to show off our little Queen and see you all again in Spring. Catherine. xx

1 minute, budget friendly handmade Christmas card DIY tutorial

Supplies you'll need
You all tell me you're not crafty.. well now you can be!!
Hand make a super easy budget friendly Christmas card in just a minute and wow your family and friends!!
You'll need:
- twine/ribbon tied into a bow
- decorative tape (or tear up pages of an old yellowing book and glue/stick down for a super effective, rustic look)
- card stock
- glue (or hot glue gun/double sided tape)
And then construct...
You may have these supplies lying around (ladies, raid your wardrobe for those ribbon hangy bits that come on clothes and no one uses but they keep sticking out of your dresses at inconvenient times...), but as a rough idea on cost, I got enough supplies to make 40 cards for well under $10.
If you're using black cardstock, like me, you'll need to stick down something to write on in the centre.. a light piece of cardstock with a little twine bow in the corner will look beautiful! Or write in metallic texta for a super classy look.

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