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Soap and Sensitive Skin...

Soap is a beautiful substance which can be amazing for skin of all types.  Soap is the product of a chemical process in which an alkaline solution is mixed with oils, then it neutralises as it is cured for 4-6 weeks.  The outcome of this process, if undisturbed by commercial processes, is a beautiful bar of soap that is gentle, cleansing, and nourishing for your skin.  Our soap base is made using our specially formulated recipe consisting of 100% natural and vegan oils, and we never test on animals.  We then add ingredients like goat milk (or almond milk for vegans), honey, clay, herbs, and other earthy ingredients to bring our clients a beautiful gentle soap bar with natural ingredients. 

Unfortunately, commercial soap, as well as some poorly handmade soaps, have given soap a bad name for use with sensitive skin.  Commercial soap is usually full of synthetic chemicals, which are not only unnecessary in the soap making process, but cause a number of allergic reactions as it makes the soap aggressive on skin.  In addition to this, glycerine, the natural product of the soap making process, is extracted from the soap and sold separately for its skin moisturising properties.  Because of this, commercial soaps can often dry and irritate skin, and even cause allergic reactions.  Even some handmade soaps can contain nasty ingredients such as palm oil - which dries out your skin, and synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colours.  If you have sensitive skin, it is important to avoid these ingredients in your skincare products.  

We have found that, by avoiding questionable additives, our soap remains pure, natural, and gentle.  Our soap making process as well as the ingredients we use have been specifically selected, and we never compromise the integrity of our soap by adding nasty ingredients.  

Growing up children with sensitive skin, or living with it yourself, can be a frustrating, heartbreaking, and harrowing process, which is why we design our soaps to be suitable for skin from newborn to elderly.

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