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Our Story

Nude Nourishment's journey started in 2015, when I, Catherine, brought my first baby Charlie into this world.  As with most people, when I had children, my perspective on life itself changed - from what I expose my family to, to my own personal philosophies, to the impacts my actions and choices have on our environment.  I wanted to make choices that had positive impacts on my children's futures, and maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Problems arose in the skincare department though, when I discovered my children have very sensitive skin.  That's when I had to stop and consider what I was putting on my children's' skin.  Reading ingredient labels, I was shocked at the realisation that commercial products all had some form of cheap, nasty, irritating ingredient - whether it be palm oil, fragrance, preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients.  It was truly no wonder Charlie was reacting so badly to all the different products.

After endless trials, constant research, asking for opinions, and trying everything, I couldn't find a product that didn't react with his sensitive skin.  After a particularly gruelling visit to the child maternal health nurse, I was determined to help my baby find something that I could use.

Up late that night, I decided enough was enough, and took the plunge to create and manufacture my own brand of truly natural skincare - with out irritating ingredients.  After researching, developing, and testing, I finally formulated a range of skincare products that were gentle enough to use on Charlie's skin. And thus begun Nude Nourishment - the beginning of specialty handmade body care products offered in beautiful, raw, perfection.

Nude Nourishment had a humble beginning.  After I realised I was far from alone in my skin journey, I also realised that my products could help a lot of other people - so I started selling to my small town local community of Kyneton, and the positive reviews started flooding in.  As the success stories spread, Nude Nourishment began to grow by itself, and now ships all over Australia - not only to those suffering with sensitive skin, but to all who want to make better choices for their skin and the environment.

Although Nude Nourishment continues to grow with an excellent reputation, I still treat it as a small, humble Australian business, making each product myself with love, priding myself on customer relationships and satisfaction, and finding joy in what I do.  I think what sets me apart is that I truly care about each of my customers, their stories, and their unique needs.

True to my personal philosophies, and now with three beautiful boys (Charlie, Caleb and Calijah) and a baby girl (Clare), I strive to make business choices which reduce my environmental impact; I use sustainable natural ingredients, and source as much of my produce as I can locally.  Further to this, I have made a conscious decision to reduce the amount of packaging on my products - reusing and recycling shipping packaging, and avoiding extravagant packaging on soaps which I believe are just thrown away anyway - it's not the packaging that makes a soap amazing, its the beautiful, natural, skin rejuvenating ingredients.