Shampoo & Deodorant Pack

Shampoo & Deodorant Pack

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No better way to spend your home days than transitioning to natural shampoo and deodorant! Replace the plastics, the toxic ingredients, and the fuss in your bathroom routine.

Our shampoo bars are made from natural raw ingredients and replace up to 6 plastic bottles of commercial shampoo and conditioner, contain no SLS or detergents, no palm oil, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, fragrances or essential oils, no silicones, and wont strip your hair. They're easy to use and mess free. Conditioning is not necessary - a simple apple cider vinegar rinse will suffice. Switching to a natural bar can help reduce the itchy feeling and regulate the oil production on your scalp. (For a heap more info, check out the solid shampoo bar listings on our website!)

Our toxin free deodorant paste comes in 40g reusable/recyclable tins and does not clog your sweat glands with harmful aluminum. Instead, it eliminates odour causing bacteria under your arms. No bacteria = no smell! It is brilliant, and lasts up to 12 hours. It is unfragranced, but you can choose to add your own essential oils.

These packs include one deodorant and 1 solid shampoo bar of your choice.