Solid Shampoo Bar - Turmeric and Cinnamon

Solid Shampoo Bar - Turmeric and Cinnamon

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Simplify your shower routine and make the switch from commercial liquid shampoo and conditioners to an eco-friendly, hair loving alternative.

Introducing the solid shampoo bar!

Reduce your plastic waste and treat your hair to this gorgeous hair softening bar of solid shampoo, featuring super softening Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil, shea butter, and farm fresh Barfold olive oil.

Using our solid shampoo bar is a little different to commercial liquid shampoos, and we have broken down the difference to explain what it might be like for your hair:

1. It's natural, and designed for sensitive skin:  Our solid shampoo bars are made using completely natural ingredients.  Like our soaps, they contain no artificial colours, preservatives, palm oil, surfactants, sulphates, or synthetic ingredients.  We have even chosen to keep our solid shampoo bars free from essential oils and fragrances, so that even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits that come with them.
2. Eco Friendly:  The manufacture and disposal of plastic shampoo bottles causes havoc for our environment.  Switching to a solid shampoo bar means you're also ditching the single use plastics.
3. Conditioning:  Our solid shampoo bars don't strip your hair of its natural balance, which means for most people, there is no need to condition your hair after using a solid shampoo bar, cutting your shower time down and saving water.  If your hair needs a little extra smoothing, or your use product during the day that needs a bit of an extra kick, we advise adding 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of warm water and rinsing your hair with it.  Alternatively, you can add half a cup of Kombucha to half a cup of warm water and rinse.  Both apple cider vinegar and Kombucha are super easy to make at home.
4. There may be a transition period: When switching to a solid shampoo bar, some people's hair can take up to 6 weeks to adjust to the new routine and the change in chemical exposure.  This is often typical if you use a lot of silicone based hair products.  Hang in there though, because your hair is likely going to adapt to your new routine and feel better than ever.
5. Top to toe cleaning:  Enticed by the idea of reducing the amount of shower products you need?  Our solid shampoo bar is designed on the same concept as our natural soap bars.  We just add a few extra hair loving ingredients such as olive oil and Shea butter.  This means, that your new solid shampoo bar is the perfect top to toe cleaning bar, and can be used on your entire body: from your hair to a face and body cleanser.
6. Everyone responds differently:  While our bar has undergone thorough testing (on people, not animals!), it is important to understand that all hair types require different levels of care.  We offer shampoo bars for both oily and dry hair types, but always remind people that one size does not always suit all.  If you have particular hair needs, please get in touch with us.
7.  It doesn't strip hair the way commercial shampoo does:  Our solid shampoo bars provide a natural, gentle cleanse - with out stripping hair of the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and balanced.  Some people - particularly those who use heavy amounts of product in their hair - usually find that the solid shampoo bar works well with an apple cider vinegar to prevent a build up of chemical laden hair products.  The apple cider vinegar works to easily lift any build up as well as condition your hair.  Similarly, those who produce a lot of natural oils on their scalp may find that they can develop a completely natural build up - hair does not look dirty or oily, but you may notice tiny particles which come away from your scalp.  This can easily be remedied by doing an apple cider vinegar rinse once per week after washing to remove any natural build up.
8. To add to the list of benefits, this solid shampoo bar is super handy for travel, won't leak through your bags, is light weight and compact.

To use:

1. Wet hair
2. Rub shampoo bar over scalp until you've reached a good lather
3. Maintain lather with your hands and fingers, working the suds into your scalp then bringing the ends in and massaging thoroughly
4. Rinse hair thoroughly.  Make sure there are no remaining suds left on your scalp or hair as this may cause build up
5. If you use lots of hair product, you may like to repeat steps 2-4
6. If using an apple cider vinegar rinse, do it now (video tutorial on how to make your own can be found at here )
7. Comb and dry hair normally (lowest heat setting on the hair dryer please -- be patient!)
8. If you have a few fly-aways, an all natural moisturiser can help tame them -  just use a tiny amount rubbed into your hands and pat over your hair. It can take a few weeks for your hair to adjust to no conditioning - if you're struggling with this, a natural coconut oil hair mask can help ease the transition.

Many of our testers found the longer they used a solid shampoo bar, the more their natural hair oils balanced, resulting in having to wash their hair less often. 

Ingredients: shea butter, rice bran oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, Barfold olive oil, water, canola oil, castor oil, turmeric, cinnamon

Our shampoo bars require special care: to extend product life, always keep dry between use and do not leave sitting in any water.

For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  In the unlikely event that irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.